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Hi, I’m Dan

I’m a Microsoft 365 Consultant & Dev with a passion for all things Microsoft and online, whether we’re talking Azure, SharePoint, Teams or even Viva.

What I do

I started my career in Microsoft technologies sort of by accident, I was working first level tech support while in college, and swore up and down that I would never work in a job where I had to talk to end users ever again.

Lo and behold, as my studies came to an end in 2018 I found myself with an internship at a larger danish Microsoft partner, and managed to score a job there after my internship ended, about a year later I joined Evobis which is a small Microsoft 365 consulting house, and I’ve working there ever since - and now swear up and down that I’ll never have an IT job where I’m not in touch with the end users.

Why blog?

I started this blog after attending ESPC22 and hearing Scott Hanselman’s “Mentorship, Sponsorship & Storytelling” keynote where he made a point about having a limited number of keystrokes left and to make sure you don’t waste those keystrokes helping out only a single individual, but rather share your views/takes with the entire world, and just a few days later I found myself helping out a guy in Reddit in DMs that really could just as well have been a blog post, so here we are!