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You can now change your tenant name - but should you

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Microsoft recently updated their documentation on SharePoint Tenant renmaes to now allow tenants with less than 10.000 sites to finally change their tenant name!

That means you can now go from having your URL say to

Now before you rush off and change it right away, there are a few gotchas to watch out for!

A lot of issues are time related and will fix themselves within 48-72 hours, these I won’t cover in this blog post - but beware that it might be a good idea to do this on a friday after hours, or start of a vacation.


But there are still some things that might/will break:

  • Most of your apps need to be updated to recent versions for this to work (see the docs).
  • Hub site menu items should be updated automatically as they’re relative URLs, but sometimes they’ll have been set as absolute URLs and therefore need to be manually updated.
  • All hub connected sites will need to be disconnected and rejoined.
  • The OneDrive Sync Clients folder won’t be renamed.
  • Search Index might be slow to update.
  • Third party app that don’t handle a HTTP 308 correctly will fail.
  • eDiscovery hold will get stuck until you update the URL.
  • Power Automate flows that use the request sign off feature will break and you’ll need to recreate them.
  • Any flows deployed as solutions with managed layers that use SharePoint as a connection won’t work.
  • Power BI connections will need to be updated.
  • Project Online Workflow will straight up break if they’re “in flight”.
  • Project Online references to PWA sites will need to be manually updated.
  • Some web parts might break if they have absolute urls.
  • Lots of teams tabs will need to be re-added. (files, embedded sites)
  • Teams Wiki images will break - a fix is in the doc
  • Any sites that have been deleted can’t be restored after the change.
  • Locked sites or OneDrive accounts cannot be renamed.

Those are my key takeaways from the docs the Microsoft docs, there are other edge cages, such as not being able to rename if you have a Multi-geo tenant, so if you’re really serious about a rename, go ahead and read the docs, and make sure you understand everything before you start.